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Alamance Battleground Friends, Inc.

The Alamance Battleground Friends, Inc. is a non-profit corporation committed to supporting, enhancing, and promoting education, interpretation, and preservation at the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site. We believe the best way to prepare for the future is to learn from the past. In Alamance County, we are fortunate to have the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site as a valuable tool to learn about our past as we look forward to shaping a better future.
On May 16, 1771, approximately three thousand men engaged in battle at this site. The militia led by Governor Tryon, represented the British colonial government then established in North Carolina. The Regulators were back-country men who felt they were being cheated or at best taken for granted by the established government in eastern North Carolina. After several attempts to have their grievances addressed by the governor, these men decided to take a stand for what they believed.  Though they were defeated by the militia, the Regulators came to be recognized as early Americans taking a stand against what they considered abusive actions.
The spirit of the Regulators lives today in the programs offered by the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site. We invite you to join us as we seek to preserve and enhance this valuable part of our history.  There are several ways you can become actively involved in our programs. First, consider becoming a member of the Alamance Battleground Friends Support Group. Several levels of membership are available for both individuals and businesses. All funds from these memberships go to the support and enhancement of the programs available at Alamance Battleground. You will find information on how to join on this website.
Secondly, become a volunteer at Alamance Battleground. We offer programs throughout the year and need volunteers to help with everything from parking to re-enacting life as it was in colonial times. If you wish to be a volunteer, please use our contact form here; it will assure our coordinator can get back with you.  A list of all volunteers will be compiled and you will be contacted when needs arise at the site.
Finally, help spread the word about Alamance Battleground to your friends and neighbors. Better yet, bring them with you and visit your state historic site. See the story of the Regulators retold in our new video entitled “Alamance”, stroll the grounds and feel the spirit of both the militia and Regulators as they fought for their beliefs, and then take a step back in time as you enter the Allen House built around 1780. It’s all waiting for you right here at Alamance Battleground State Historic Site.
We hope to see you soon and often. You are always welcome here.

Ted Scott Henson, Ed.D.
Alamance Battleground Friends, Inc.